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Andrew Andre Cancer worsens : Peter Andre My Life

Andrew Andre Cancer worsens : Peter Andre My Life

Andrew Andre's cancer diagnosis worsened in Peter Andre's household recently. The celebrity said: 'He suddenly became very unwell and collapsed, which was really frightening for all of us.'
His brother was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. 'Andrew's doing much better now and is back at home, but unfortunately we still don't know exactly what triggered his collapse.' Pete said.
Andrew Andre cancer sufferer helped by Peter Andre
The singer was devastated with the news about his siblings illness when it was diagnosed just a few months ago.

His brother Andrew Andre is suffering from kidney cancer. He received the diagnosis when he was living in Australia, and the star immediately arranged for him to be flown to England to be with him and the rest of his brothers.
The singer arranged to  have plans drawn up to build an extension at his home for his brother Andrew Andre to live in. His plans are to keep his family around him and to ensure he receives top cancer treatments for his condition.

He commented: “I need an extension so that when I've got the kids there will be room for all of us.”

Andy has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. He added: 'It's been horrific. I've had to see my brother lie there with all sorts of medication and sleeping for hours on end.
Andrew Andre Peter Andre's brother suffering cancer
'We've never had cancer in our family so it's been a very difficult time for us all, Andrew had two massive operations not long ago to remove his kidney and then we had to wait to see if the cancer has spread.

'We are still waiting for the full test results but if it's spread, he's in serious trouble.'

'We are a large family, and have always felt so blessed to have avoided cancer - it's the one word that has never entered our family - so when Andrew was diagnosed it was absolutely terrifying.

'My parents are in an awful state. It's something no parent wants to hear. If the cancer has spread it could be fatal. There are times when he can't get up and other times he's up and about and happy.'

'Junior has been speaking to Andrew and he often asks him if he has been bitten by a snake as that's what he associates with Australia, which has made Andrew laugh.'
'When I first heard the news I was horrified, so shocked, and I broke down. The tears were just rolling down my face and I've cried every day since.'

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'Andrew is receiving ongoing chemotherapy treatment, so we'll all be supporting him as he goes through that.'
Other celebrities that have had kidney cancer include X Factor winner Matt Cardle who suffered from a different form of the disease called Wilms disease. See Matt Cardle Kidney cancer post.
The entrepeneur has asked staff to take on more of the resposibilities of opening Peter Andre New York Coffee Club in Brighton to enable him to spend more time with Andy.
We all hope that his treatment goes well and we join Peter Andre in wishing that Andrew Andre responds to cancer treatment.
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  1. im thinking of you all at the difficult time , wishing you all the best andrew you can do it if there is any thing i can do to help any of you's i will lots of love karen .

    karen hatch